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 " I love taking a house and making it a home. That's what drives all of my design decisions. I aim to make it approachable, inviting and warm." 

"I love taking a house and making it a home. That's what drives all of my design decisions. I aim to make it approachable, inviting and warm." 

Secret obsession: Old Canadiana pine furniture

I love old furniture because it has history and every piece has a story.



Small town born and big city raised, Rebecca's passion for design started at an early age.  Having lived in 5 different homes before the age of 12, Rebecca continually re-imagined her own bedrooms every time. She also watched as her mother decorated each home with love; often with the help of her mother's famously talented cousin, Robert Dirstein. Their home was always inviting and warm, full of family and friends. Rebecca shares her mother's passion for creating beautiful spaces to share, and prides herself of turning a house into a home.

Rebecca has over a decade of experience in design. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University she lived and taught in the beautiful south of Spain. She returned to Canada where she completed her design training in Vancouver. Upon returning to Toronto, Rebecca had the privilege to work for several years with Stephen Taylor, one of Toronto’s top high-end designers. She has also worked in the engaging and high-paced world of television, holding the position of Show Segment Designer on HGTV's “Income Property”, and “The Property Brothers”.  Her design aesthetic is approachable and classic while creating homes that are unique and fitting to their owners.

 "I love getting to be creative everyday and seeing ideas come to life"

"I love getting to be creative everyday and seeing ideas come to life"

Secret obsession: Giraffes & Old Keys

I love collecting old keys because I find them interesting and intricate. 



Alyssa received her Degree in Interior Design from The RCC Institute of Technology (formerly Academy of Design) in Toronto, Canada. She also has a background in residential, condominium and millwork design. Alyssa leads the coordination and production support of all projects in the RHD studio. She is a sourcing extraordinaire and keeps every project running smoothly, on time and on budget. 

Alyssa has been with the RHD for over 2 years and is an integral part of the team.  Her positive attitude, ambition, and drive help to keep each project moving forward and maintains the team in high spirits and working efficiently. Alyssa's design style of choice is classic contemporary, where comfort meets elegance. 

A fun fact about Alyssa is that she keeps a giraffe rubber duck and a giraffe mug at her desk - showcasing her love of giraffes. 



Secret obsession: Harry Potter

I love Harry Potter because it transports me to another world and allows my imagination to wander.



Mansi is a creative spirit with an eye for design. She studied Environmental Design at OCAD University, in Toronto, and graduated with a BDes. She’s an AutoCad enthusiast, and in the office, you’ll usually find her teaching someone about AutoCad or learning a new skill in the program. Her design style is a fusion of contemporary and traditional, and consists of unique pieces that make bold statements. 
Mansi obsesses over details and ensures they are never overlooked in her designs. She’s very organized and prefers to work in a tidy studio environment. Something you may not know about her is that she secretly considers herself to be a professional shopper and is openly known to be a Harry Potter fanatic.


Secret obsession: Butterfly Conservatories

My grandmother used to take me with her to her farm and there were butterflies everywhere. Butterflies are beautiful insects, one i wouldn't mind landing on me.



Vera graduated from the University of Guelph Humber with a Bachelor's degree in Media Studies and a Humber College diploma in Digital Communications. She has a creative mind and is thankful to be able to express herself through each new day, priding in keeping every day different than the previous.

Vera has keen interest in wedding and lifestyle photography, because she believes happy moments should be photographed so they become forever memories. 

Vera currently works with the RHD team to produce the weekly youtube and IGTV videos, monthly newsletters, and maintaining the RHD website.




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