My almost New Years Resolution

I've never been good at making or keeping New Years resolutions. So this year I plan to start my resolutions the day ofter my birthday (which is really the start of MY new year anyways). My Birthday being January 19th, buys me a little more time to prepare... I have 4 more days.


Let's face it, everyone wants to be more organized. It's just something I never thought I'd need to make a resolution about. But somehow this past year got away with me. Maybe it was the new puppy, new home, planning my wedding, going on a 3 week honeymoon or just the fact that I was generally busier than usual. Whatever it was, my space and mental organization feels like a mess!

Here are the areas (personal & professional) that I want to organize and my inspiration for getting it done. Hopefully as I accomplish these tasks I can post my progress here. Bring on the Birthday!!


The basement disaster - Jan. 2014

My husband and I have been in our house almost a year and a half now and there are still several spaces that have been neglected. The "man cave" started strong with a new man-sized TV, a new couch and some shelves.... but quickly deteriorated as the shelves filled with boxes and stuff and the walls collected unwanted clutter.

HIS & HERS INSPIRATIONS FOR THE BASEMENT ... we'll see who wins out in the end ;) Obviously I like the cozy Sarah Richardson inspired basement and he likes the cool, dark contemporary one!

HERS inspiration

HIS inspiration


I recently read a great post on how to plan for your weekends to get the most out of them. It is just so true and as unexciting as it sounds, I want to start being more organized on my weekends so that I can maximize my time to play. Especially with this cute furry creature who deserves my full undivided attention evenings and weekends! 

 Our Little Ganaraskan, Bailey (always waiting to play)

Our Little Ganaraskan, Bailey (always waiting to play)


The only other forgotten areas in our new home are the upstairs home offices. Mine doubles as a guest room (currently occupied by my mother en route to Florida) and my hubby's doubles as back up storage (as if the basement wasn't enough!) I got so far last year as to finally paint my office walls but Kris wasn't quite as lucky. I'm secretly hoping that his office will become a nursery in the near future and so it's low on my priority list to get done now (shhh) But that's no excuse to keeping in the mine field state that it is until then.


My home office

His home office

SInce I plan to prioritize my home office over his office (again, hope to be nursery... not preggers yet though)  Here's some inspiration for that space first. Bright, Airy & (of course) organized.



By Mail I refer to both snail mail and email. I'm usually good at filing emails into folders (more organized than some) and I usually delete what's no longer relevant but I'm not so good when it comes to important personal emails that need to be responded to when I have that extra time. They get buried below less important bills or other and I take WAY too long to remember to follow up on these important mails. Sometimes it's just easier to write a 2 second work email then sit down and catch up with an old friend. This is often shelved for a time when I "have the time to write a long and thoughtful response". My goal is to find a way to keep these at the top of my priority list. An idea of how I can do this: 

Arranged my inbox to show STARRED emails at the top as a constant reminder! Brilliant. Google is the best!

As for snail mail I tend to receive trade info or banking info and it sits in a stack on my desk waiting for a time when I "have the time" to thoroughly research and organize my banking or trade contacts etc. Some ideas to fix this involve having storage on the wall instead of on my desk! Attacking the mail the same day it arrives makes a lot of sense, so I will try that too!



When it comes to mid-week meals I am terrible at planning. Unlike some of our friends who do a weekly grocery shop and have food for the week, we tend to shop "a la european" styles (aka EVERY DAY) or simply order in because we're starving, it's too late to shop or begin to cook anything. And as much as I love frequenting the many yummy local restaurants on St. Clair (my new fave is PUKKA - best modern INDIAN CUISINE EVER) It really isn't economical to eat out or order in every day. Even the meals we end up cooking at home aren't always balanced if we simply grab some ingredients on our way home. So, my resolution is to get organized with my meals and PLAN. I like the idea of having healthy snacks pre-packed in the fridge to grab on my way out the door and this post-it note idea to force me to plan a weeks of meals in advance:

 An easy way to plan out weekly meals in advance.

An easy way to plan out weekly meals in advance.

SO here I go.... Year 33 is going to be an organized one! WISH ME LUCK! ....but since my birthday is still a few days away I can veg out for a little while longer right? :)


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