How to add Brass to your decor

I have been saying this for a while now. Every design trend recycles itself in one way or another. And only a few years ago I would not have believed the return of this trend, but I finally have plenty of proof to show you all that BRASS IS BACK! And I'm excited to be embracing it. As if all the magazine articles and HGTV shows weren't enough, you can now go to my pinterest page to see all of my many Brass inspirations. Some of which I can gladly say I'll be using for the current project I am working on. Here are a few inspirational images to get you on board.

There is something  warm and nostalgic about Brass. The warmth of the gold is a fresh change from all the chrome and stainless steel we have seen for the past ten years. The old charm of this metal lends itself really well to modern clean lines. And no better than to experience this than in the heart of the home - the kitchen. Which is precisely where I plan to use it in my latest project. Here are some inspirational kitchens using brass.

Sarah Richardson Design

Sarah Richardson Design

Brass in a room is like diamonds in your ears. It adds the sparkle, glam and punch of style! What better way to add pizazz to a room than with jewellery! In the kitchen this is the cabinet hardware, the faucets and sometimes even the lighting! More and more lighting stores are carrying brass fixtures and so it's easy to find brass light fixtures in all shapes and styles. Here are some awesome contemporary brass light fixtures to swoon over.

The cabinet hardware in a kitchen is that extra detail that pulls the space together and a great place for brass accents! You may or may not have noticed one modification to the classic brass accents of the 1980's. Today's trendy brass is mostly antiqued or brushed. Some call it satin brass or honed brass. Shiny lacquered brass is still available and can work well in a space when used in the right combination. But the more contemporary look is slightly more subdued. Especially in cabinet hardware. Check out these awesome knobs and pulls.

The last pieces of jewellery in your kitchen are the faucets. Now this part is a little trickier. It is still pretty difficult to find great Brass faucets at an affordable price point. If anyone finds some, please send them my way! Here are some great inspirations, pricey as they may be.

And finally, my own fabric & hardware scheme for the kitchen I'm working on. Antique brass knobs and library pulls. Unfortunately sourcing a brass faucet that would fit the budget proved rather challenging. So I dare to mix my metals and will be using a chrome faucet. However, Brass will Reign Queen in this soon to be marvellous kitchen!


Next up... find a spot to bring my love of all things brass into the dining and living room spaces!

Stay tuned.