OLD becomes NEW again

Believe it or not, when it comes to furniture, old is often better than new. Here are 3 main reasons why.

1.  Used furniture is cheaper than new.

In our modern society there isn't much of a market for used furniture. Just try selling your old couch on Kijiji and you'll see. Old furniture is seen as dated, dirty and just plan ugly. Thankfully this means its easier to get used items for a song. And often you may even own something that can been updated - what's better that FREE!

2. Old furniture is often built better than the new stuff.

Unless you are having custom built furniture made, the furniture you buy today is usually made in a land far away and quality is sacrificed to provide consumers with bargain basement prices.  Gone are the days of solid wood construction made in Canada when people purchased items expecting them ACTUALLY to last a lifetime. I always advise clients to invest in quality furniture items that can be re-upholstered again over the years as styles and trends change.

3. Re-purposed furniture is one of a kind!

If you can take an inexpensive old item that is likely solid quality and re-paint, re-cover, re-upholster you can choose exactly how you want it to look. The colour, the fabrics, the style of upholstery. You are then left with a truly one of a kind gem that will last a life time. 

That's why I try to re-purpose old furniture every chance I get. Sometimes it takes a little more work to convince a client that the old dated falling apart item in front of them will go through a transformation making it a true gem. But the end result is always something more unique and beautiful than any store bought item out there and truly becomes a focal point and 

Below are a few items that I had the joy of transforming for clients this year:


This Chippendale inspired chairs I found at a used furniture store. There were 4 of them, perfect for this condo kitchen table!  I had them painted a high gloss white and recovered the seat cushions in this fun navy & white polka dot fabric. Now they are the jewels of this kitchen!


These two bucket chairs were already owned by the client. We simply selected a beautiful soft palette fabric and recovered them. They went from drab old living room occasional seating to a cozy ready nook in the clients new bedroom.


These two swivel tub chairs (already owned by the client) were re-upholstered to match the new condo decor and fresh colour palette of the living room. 


The frames of these dining chairs I found at one of my suppliers for a great deal. We chose a walnut stain colour for the frames to tie in with the client's antique table and selected two fun fabrics to upholster the seat and backs with. 


After many months of searching for the perfect dining room sideboard we were unsuccessful in finding a unit to fit the client's space and budget that also fulfilled the client's specific needs for storage. So I started the hunt for used furniture and found this vintage credenza. We had the unit sprayed in a hard lacquerer finish a neutral shade but kept the mid-century style brass hardware. It's a true unique gem that fits the clients needs perfectly!


This beautiful old solid pine chest of drawers was sitting in the clients old spare room. The style didn't work in their new home but they couldn't bear to give it away. The drawer sliders were worn down but otherwise it was in great condition. SO we had the drawer sliders fixed and the unit painted a warm off white. We added new glass knobs and removed the old mirror. It's now a sophisticated version of it's former self.


This chair is one of my favourite transformations. It was in the client's old living room covered in a plush pink velvet fabric. We recovered it in this fun green animal print fabric and put it in the new guest bedroom. It's a fun addition to an otherwise serious space. A great chair for reading.

Rebecca Hay