Before & After: North Toronto Pied-a-Terre

It's about time to share some photos from my latest renovation design project. It has been a joy to work with these incredible clients who are about to downsize from their 5 bedroom Toronto home to a 2 bedroom condo. My mandate: to create a new fresh look that the two of them can share in their years of retirement.

Have a look at some pictures of the process and stay tuned for the final reveal!

The kitchen coming together this week!

Here is what the condo looked like when they first purchased it back in December. It is in an older building with very LOW ceilings and inexplicable amount of odd plumbing and ductwork which has posed some obvious challenges. But it is spacious and bright and with the clever removal of a few walls, addition of new hardwood floors, new custom kitchen and all new bathrooms we are about to unveil a completely transformed space.

The bathrooms were dated, the kitchen was narrow and VERY 80's, laundry room had an ugly imposing furnace and the layout was far from open or functional. Not to mention the horrifically shiny Parquet flooring. So I got to work space planning, AutoCAD drawing, fabric scheming and began sourcing all the details. 

And the demo begins... This is a very exciting yet messy stage

Here are some of my preliminary tile selections.

By blending some of their existing antique furniture items & incredible art collection with fresh new custom furnishings, drapery, lighting we are in the process of creating a completely new and comfortable space.  Here are some of the furniture items as they morph and get ready to beautify the space. Something old becomes new again.... All vintage finds (or owned by the client) that will have new life breathed into them. Except the chandelier... it's just awesome the way it is. Stay tuned for their transformations.

And so we are now in the final weeks, as the re-building is complete and the installations begin. A few snapshots of where we've come.