Back after Baby

 Mommy and Joseph

Mommy and Joseph

As many of you know, I had a baby.... In 2014.

It is now 2016.

So yes, it has taken me more than a year to get back to this blog. It turns out that having a baby and being a new working mom is HARD WORK! I was warned about this beforehand of course but I really did not appreciate the advice at the time.

The months leading up to baby's arrival my career was rolling full steam ahead. Working around the clock in the summer heat on my feet with a large belly full of baby. 

I had completed my first big major full condo reno, hired as designer for a Cashmere online campaign,  worked with The W Network designing for The Property Brothers, and designed my first Sales Office. All this while preggos! I thought I was pretty hardcore.

Then, on October 9th 2014 (14 days late) my beautiful Baby Joseph arrived. I was no longer so hardcore. 

I was happy and proud and in love with my boy but Struggled with this major change in lifestyle. The sleep deprivation was unreal. It may have been one of my lowest points. I've never functioned well on little sleep and this proved to be the worst "side effect" of having a baby. Everyone wanted to visit. All I wanted to do was sleep. Baby wanted to feed, all I wanted to do was sleep. I couldn't imagine ever getting through it. Weeks felt like months and months like years. KUDOs to all the strong mommas out there who go through this stage with ease. 

So when good friends of mine approached me about doing their home reno with a mere 4 month old in my arms you would think I'd say no. But it was exactly what I needed. Something to snap me back to the "real" world. And to my surprise I said yes and couldn't wait to get started. 

I took it slow at first, picking up small jobs that I could mange with an infant in tow and before I knew it I was a full blown working momma. 

 Helping me select paint colours at #fairlawnkitchenreno (you can see the tired in my eyes)

Helping me select paint colours at #fairlawnkitchenreno (you can see the tired in my eyes)

Needless to say there was little time between breast feeding, diaper changes, sleep training, client meetings, and designing to even think to about writing on this blog. Well, I maybe thought about it. 

But that was a whole other level of hardcore I wasn't ready for. I honestly don't know how other self-employed mommas do it! 

 Late night working in my studio with Mister B

Late night working in my studio with Mister B

But now after 16 months I'm feeling (more) energetic and loving being a working momma.

I'm not quite as hardcore as perhaps I could be but I have a lot more balance now and I'm ready to write ALL about it. So stay tuned for some behind the scenes of how I came back to work after baby and the fun design projects that make every work day worth it. 

And if there's anything you'd like to see / read here drop me a line

Rebecca Hay