How to Pick the Right Light Fixture

With every project we try to find unique decorative lighting. Lighting is essential to adding layers of warmth in any space. Here are a few of our favourites at the moment that you can expect to see in our upcoming reveals!


We found some great TIPS for Choosing your Lighting from Light Form. Our favourite is:

TIP #2: Plan to spend about 3-5% of your budget on lighting.

Lighting has a profound influence on how you feel, how you behave, and how you interact with people within a space. More pragmatically, lighting also has an effect on power bills, and the safety of a space. Quality lighting will enhance your design, last longer, look spectacular, and save you money in the long run. From a decorative standpoint, the right fixtures exert a cohesive influence on the design. From a functional standpoint, the right light levels and layout highlight and support the beauty of a design.

Given the crucial role that lighting plays, you need to establish a lighting budget ahead of time to ensure that it’s a strong design element, not simply a rushed afterthought. Conventional building advice might state that 0.5% is enough, but for those who understand and value design, plan to spend around 3-5% of your budget on lighting.

TIP #6: Choose your fixtures based on function.

Each fixture you put into a space should serve a specific purpose. Understanding this underlying “why” will help you create an environment that’s cohesive and functional. And ALWAYS use Dimmers!!

Sometimes it's the Unique lighting we find that makes the design pop and finishes off the space.


THIS TOM DIXON pendant fixture is one of the decorative general lights we are considering installing in our new STUDIO SPACE. Our latest obsession is combining metals and finishes - like Brass and Matte Black. As we work on planning and designing our new STUDIO (blog post on that coming soon) we are working to find the best unique ways to combine these two finishes.

Here is a unique lighting combo we used for the sales office we designed for  Lindvest Homes  in Brampton.

Here is a unique lighting combo we used for the sales office we designed for Lindvest Homes in Brampton.