Signature Design Look Monday

Pop of Colour

Every Monday starting today we are going to share one element that is a defining feature of Rebecca's Signature Design Aesthetic. This week we are focusing on how she uses POPS OF COLOUR to add character & personality to a space.

People are often scared of using colour to decorate in their homes. It can be a commitment! BUT if you use colour in moderation and just add it in POPS you can rarely go wrong. It's all about breathing life into your space and personalizing it. In the kitchen above we sprayed out the dated cherry cabinets a fresh Decorator's White and added a white quartz counter as well as a marble mosaic backsplash. By adding these turqouise stools and accent art the space is anything but sterile. These elements are also easy and relatively inexpensive to swap out should you tire of the colour. 

Use colour in accent cushions, rugs and drapery. These are easy to switch out over time.

Ultimately we all want a space that showcases who we are and yet is the envy of all our friends. Don't be afraid to take a risk!

Tell us what you think... Do you like to use colour in your space?

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