Our Studio: The Plans


I am about to embark on my biggest design challenge to date... joining forces with my husband and moving into a great new studio space. The space is RAW and has so much potential but we are on a tight timeline. I'll be documenting the whilrwind design process on our new YouTube channel. Watch our first video below.

Here's why this is my biggest design challenge: Our styles are completely different. Our businesses are pretty different. And I am pregnant! I'm tasked with the mighty challenge of creating a unique space that Engine Advertising & Rebecca Hay Designs can share (successfully without too many domestic fights!)  And to top it all off, I'm 8 weeks away from having our second baby! I sound a little crazy when I read this back to myself. But sometimes you just gotta roll with it.

Let the whirlwind 3 week Reno begin!!!  Wish me luck and follow our YOUTUBE series and Instagram Stories and Pics