Our Studio: Moving Day

We finally did it!

So much has happened over the past 3 months and I have been terrible at documenting it as I had promised. Sorry! Since I last posted in March the reno at the studio was (mostly) completed, we moved all our things in and I had a baby!

Baby Sarah Katherine Karski. Born May 9th. 10lbs 1 0z.

Baby Sarah Katherine Karski. Born May 9th. 10lbs 1 0z.

and well... the baby is the most time consuming part. I had every intention of posting YouTube videos of all the stages and design decisions during the reno but pregnancy just got too tiring and life took over. SO what I have done instead is compiled together all the photos and few videos that I did take into one "MOVING IN" video. It shows the messy chaos that we went through to get set up in the new space. I hope that you watch it let me know what you think. I will be sure to document the process moving forward now that I'm a little less sleep deprived and a little more organized!

Here's a synopsis:

Everything wasn't ready for the day we moved in, but with baby on the way I couldn't delay. I needed to get everything out of my house and get Joseph's big boy room set up. So When we moved in...

- there was still no kitchen

-no glass installed on the offices

-no interior doors

-no blinds for the windows

-no functioning toilet

You get the idea. But over the few weeks following it all slowly came together. Some pics from the day we moved in... a little bubbly to celebrate of course!

 Below is a link to the YOU TUBE video I created documenting the final stages. Check back next week for a closer look at where we are now.