Why you should hire a Designer.


How the 5 fears of working with a designer are actually the reasons you should work with one


We have heard the worries and frustrations many clients have had in the past regarding designer and construction hourly and unexpected bills. Any construction project, no matter how small, can be daunting, and to have multiple unexpected costs pop up throughout can make it an unpleasant process no matter how beautiful the results are in the end. On an hourly fee model it’s hard to anticipate how many hours your designer will be putting into the project and so it’s hard to know what it’s going to cost. That is why we have switched our business model to a fixed fee design for each phase of your project (see OUR PROCESS section of the website). Our clients appreciate knowing what the design fee will be up front and therefore can accurately budget.

2. Lack of Transparency

Trusting someone to come into your house to redesign your home can be scary. You need to build trust with this individual, Trust that they will listen to your needs and wants and trust that they will act with integrity. A common fear is that designers will hide markups and costs and gauge their clients for every penny. This is rarely the case. True transparency helps build trust and a healthy relationship. Without transparency, there can be a reluctance to allow trades and designer to execute their plan without a hitch. We try to select all furnishings and finishes upfront for our clients so that they can see the sum of all the parts. No surprises 3 months down the road. In addition, we pride ourselves in not having any hidden fees or markups.

deisgn layout.jpg

3. A Long Drawn Out Process

The reality of any renovation is that it will run into problems and delays. The best way to counteract any hiccups that may happen is to plan every single detail ahead of time. We create the entire design from the electrical plan right down to the exact bed sheets we recommend and present the entire design to our clients at the beginning. Because of this highly detailed planning, we are able to easily find substitutes and solutions to problems as they arise, rather than scrambling to complete any process of design while construction is underway. The design doesn’t drag on for years while we find that one last lamp for your living room. Because all decisions are made at the beginning, we don’t experience decision fatigue ad our clients don’t get bored or tired of the process. It’s in everyone’s best interest to get the job done as efficiently and beautifully as we can.

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4. Response Times, Efficiency and Timelines

As a homeowner, you have the right to know who, what, where and when of any project taking place in your space. Our process is streamlined and organized so that you know exact timelines every step of the way. We tell every client exactly how long everything will take (to the best of our ability), from design, to a predetermined presentation date, to updating you on a weekly basis of progress and when the last touches will be put in for the reveal. We are not psychic and so cannot anticipate hidden surprises like a backordered fabric or electrical permitting delay. However we do our very best to set our client expectations and keep them in the loop throughout the process. Designers are trained problem solvers!


5. YOU’re Too Busy to Manage a Renovation

Nowadays everyone has a jam packed schedule, and although many are not pleased with their home, they simply don’t have the time to put effort into designing and managing the entire project. That’s where full service designers excel. We WANT to be in control of every last detail… much to our contractors frustration sometimes! Full service design firms like ours manage all the trades and execute every design detail for you. Our clients shouldn’t have to sweat the small stuff. Of course we keep clients in the loop at all times regarding updates, but the client does not need to coordinate a thing! We do all our homework upfront and offer a complete hands off service! You’re welcome ;)