5 Secrets to Chic, Kid Friendly Decor

When you crave for your home to look like it’s in a magazine, but your home is dominated by growing children, beautiful design can be tricky.  Here are 5 tips for achieving beautiful decor when children are in the mix.

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Re-focus their attention

Installing elegant artwork in a home with children who are focused on exploring can be difficult. One way to keep their attention off your prized pieces is to set up distractions around the house or “safe-zones”. Ensure that you have a dedicated play area with oodles of storage, fun kid friendly decor. Having fun play areas, encourages the children to love being in their areas and to keep their fun in the “safe-zones” and away from your spectacular artwork.


Rethink Your Coffee Table

A big concern when it comes to decorating when there are kids in the mix, is safety. Furniture that is free of sharp edges is a non-negotiable; and really, who wants a beautiful table to be edged by pieces of pool noodles! When selecting your furniture try to find round tables or upholstered coffee-table ottoman that fit without you desired design. There are a plethora of sophisticated furniture options with that is free of sharp edges, which is the perfect harmony between your desire to have a designer home, and a home safe for your growing children.

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Consider Antiques

Believe it or not, you can still have a passion for antiques when living with children. Using antiques help to teach your children that not everything is disposable! Using antique chairs covered in fun pains or fabrincs makes for an inspiring and inventive children’s room.


Invest in the Right Fabrics

Investing in the right fabrics is the key to styling family-friend decor. Find materials that are easy to wipe clean such as vinyl for kitchen chairs and banquettes. Fabric options have come a long way recently, there are even new lines of crypton fabrics and cleanable cotton velvets that harmoniously combine style with practicality.

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Hide it all with a Rug

The scariest thought that many people face when decorating is combining an expensive rug with children. However, rugs are versatile and really, the best way to hide all the mess! Patterned Persian, kilim, and Moroccan rugs, are incredibly popular and readily available these days. They add global flair and still hide the spills.

Ultimately children can learn to respect their home and with a little help can even grow to cherish it. The only way for our children to grow up with an appreciation of high-end furnishings is to have them. When you are decorating with the desired to not only accommodate your children’s growing but also your desire for beautiful decor, being sensible about how to use high-end furniture, artwork, and rugs, can make everything kid friendly while allowing your prized items to last a long time.