Top Furniture Trends in 2018

My first time at High Point Market was incredible and inspiring. I saw so much beauty and I really wanted to share some of my favourite key trends that I believe we will be seeing everywhere very soon.


The First and probably the biggest trend I saw was the use of NATURAL MATERIALS.  Caning, natural wood, and bamboo were used throughout the market, especially in lighting. I’m loving this trend. Caned furniture is back with a vengeance but It's NOT like your grandmother’s old chair. For a long time people were painting these old cane-backed chairs out, but now it's completely natural black resulting in a really elegant look.  I will be jumping on this trend using a little touch of wood in every one of my designs is our signature. 



The second biggest trend that I saw was VELVET. There was velvet everywhere! All types of furnishings being reupholstered in sexy, luxurious, elegant velvet. Velvets have come a long way in recent years. They come in high endurance and can be a quite practical choice for upholstery with their stain resistant properties. Velvets also come in luxurious and vibrant colours to add a pop of colour to your design, as it was used in most displays at High Point Market. 


MIXING METALS is everywhere. Brass is still number one metal that I saw at High Point Market, but it is followed closely by matte black. Steel framed furniture with accents of brass, or tables with brass inlay.


Another big theme was COLOUR in everything! I really love colour, and I love to infused pops of colour in every one of my designs. Colour in lamps! There were so many gorgeous lamp bases in vibrant colours such as red, kelly green, hot pink, and aqua,  as seen in the display by Robert Abbey Lighting. There was a lot of colour also in fabrics and upholstery, such as the luxurious velvet upholsteries.


ROLLED DETAILING in the legs of  furniture was another large trend I saw at Market. I saw this carved out in wooden tables, metal bases for tables and chairs, which is a really neat detail that is unique, and I believe adds a lot of character to a space. On the topic of “rolls”, I also saw a lot of ROLLED METAL. I saw a lot of tubular metal bunched together to create the base of a table, chair or a lamp, which adds so much character!


Also I saw a lot of CURVED FURNITURE such as sofas. I love this trend because it allows the furniture to have soft silhouettes and a feminine lines, which is such a contrast and a refreshing change from the cube-y straight designs of years past.


Bonus Trend

I loved seeing all of the innovative OUTDOOR FURNITURE at High Point Market. Outdoor furniture has come such a long way in the last few years and it’s allowing homeowners to extend their indoor space outdoors and just spend more time relaxing outdoors. I really adored seeing the outdoor furniture made of rope, it was a very intricate texture and added interest that makes outdoor living more luxurious and beautiful. There is so much variety and so much available now in terms of outdoor furniture, you can really create an outdoor oasis for yourself.


High Point Market was a real true and inspiration for me this year. It is impossible to recap and share all of the beautiful designs and detailings I saw, but it is definitely worth the trip to North Carolina to see it. If you’re designer, I would definitely recommend attending the October 2018 High Point Market, you won’t regret it. If you’re not a designer, just stay tuned and I’ll keep sharing all the beauty I can!