Best New Lighting Trend

Colour has become a huge trend, even colour in lighting. From my first visit to High Point Market in North Carolina to everyday retail stores, I have seen an abrupt yet refreshing change in lighting fixtures. I have always been an advocate for using pops of colour in your space, and now with the addition of colour in your lighting, it allows you to be even more creative in a space.


In the past couple of years lighting trends have changed. We have seen a change from using chrome and brushed nickel, to mixing metals, and now colour.


Lighting fixtures have also developed in terms of shape and style. They have become more than a source of light, or something you put on your wall, or side table. With all the styles now available lighting fixtures can become focal points in a space. You can also enhance classic silhouette with colour to tie in with decor elements in your space and adds just a bit more personality.


Adding a pop of colour to your lighting fixtures allows you to bring character into a room, elevates your space by becoming a piece of artwork.



Having a neutral space that will look classic for years to come but incorporating a blush or aqua table lamp will add that character and pop to brighten the room.


Timeless designs with neutral tones can be enhanced with statement lighting that will create a lasting impression.

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