5 Kitchen Design Mistakes

Everyone loves a good kitchen Reno. It’s typically where you’ll see the highest financial return on your investment so it’s often the first place homeowners decide to spend money on. Whether you’re considering simple updates or a complete remodel of your kitchen, you should approach this space in terms of making it not only beautiful, but functional.  

Here are five mistakes people make when designing their kitchen:


1. The location of your fridge  - Too much focus is put on the kitchen triangle. Sure that’s important, but even more so is the actual location of your fridge. Make sure it has lots of easy access. Ideally it’s not blocked by an island and is in an area where guests and children alike can grab a drink from it without disrupting the cook.


2. The garbage - Depending on how many people are using your kitchen you will want to consider where the garbage/recycling/compost centre is going to be. I always design kitchens with a garbage pullout NEXT to the sink instead of underneath it. It can be tempting to use that wasted space below the sink for garbage but it’s a pain in the neck to be washing veggies or cleaning up while others try to throw away an orange peel in front of you!


3. Quality barstools - Decorative furnishings like stools are often the last items homeowners decide to purchase and it’s usually after they feel tapped out financially. But don’t deceived by super sale stools just to save a buck. You will likely be spending a lot of time sitting in these stools since your kitchen will be the hub of your home so it’s important to invest in quality and comfort. There’s no sense in buying cheap stools to only replace them a year later - You also hep take care of our planet by investing in pieces that will last a lifetime.


4. Dedicated storage - As a designer I always ask my clients to create a list of everything they need to store in their kitchen. It’s important that your kitchen reflect how YOU use it. We love to create dedicated storage solutions for as much as possible and there are so many great options nowadays. I love to have specific cutlery storage and hidden drawers. Companies like GRASS* have great options that will make you smile every time you pull out a drawer.


5. Cabinet Hardware - The knobs and pulls in your kitchen are the icing on the cake. If you splurge on ANYTHING please let it be the hardware. This will elevate even the most basic of kitchens to a designer level. Don’t default to a basic chrome pull unless it makes your heart sing. A visit to stores like Upper Canada Specialty Hardware will inspire you to think outside the box and find the perfect “jewelry “ for your cabinets.


Your kitchen is usually the heart of the home so don’t overlook these five key elements of kitchen design that will make it a beautiful and functional.

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