The Reveal of The Laurel Model Home

Visit The Laurel in Aurora, ON

After months of hard work I am so happy to share the reveal of The Laurel model home by Lindvest Homes!


Click here to view our gallery of the Laurel.

Customizing the Little Details

When you’re working with a builder its always worth it to look into the upgrades. Not all upgrades may be for you but selecting a few can really make the home feel unique and truly your own.


Every time I work with a builder or on a project that includes going down to the frame of the home, I always try to be thoughtful about lighting. When you are down to the frame of a home, you are able to make the decision of where the outlets go, where you would like hardwired lighting and where fuse boxes are located. Taking full advantage of this really allows me to create a home that is functional for that individual client. Hardwiring lighting frees up outlets and gives you more opportunity to input decorative lighting features.

The Laurel Family Bathroom

Another upgrade I always strive to include in any bathroom renovation is to increase the heights of the vanities from 32”-34” to 36”. This doesn't seem like such a big upgrade, but those couple of extra inches makes the bathroom vanity for older teens and adults more comfortable when they are brushing their teeth or washing their hands. Its less back bending!

Keep these little details in mind when you start thinking of renovating your home, because its the little functionalities that make it truly feel like it’s yours!

I’d love to hear which room was your favourite in the Laurel!