Best Tricks to Shopping Consignment

Let’s Get Comfortable Shopping Consignment!

Are you looking for high end design without the high end price tag?

Believe it or not - this is completely possible. And I’m not talking about shopping at big box stores to mix and match cheap accessories with high end furniture. Although that can work too! Just look at the “HIGH, LOW” section of any home interiors magazine.

In my opinion, the best way to achieve an expensive look without breaking the bank is by using vintage finds. There are loads of exceptional quality finds at my favourite consignment stores that can be refinished or even simply used as-is.

Vintage China Cabinet

These second hand furniture stores are filled with high end beautiful made gems. The team and I always look to consignment stores when looking for well made unique items for our clients. By blending vintage finds with new custom pieces you not only get a great look at an even better price but the space is 100% unique to you. it’s just a bonus that you’re helping Mother Earth at the same time ;)

Upcycle Challenge Sustainable Design

Here’s how to shop for consignment finds to discover the gems that will elevate your home decor to luxury status:

Walk through the store twice.

When you walk into a consignment store it can be overwhelming. There are so many things to look at … everywhere. To manage the overwhelm, do an initial walkthrough and let items pop out that inspire you. Then you can do a second walkthrough looking more intentionally for specific items you need. You will most definitely see items on that second go-around that you missed the first time.

Remember to Look up!

Most stores will have a great selection of vintage lighting hanging from the ceiling. I’ve found statement dining chandeliers from these stores. Sometimes they are one of a kind and sometimes they are brand new!

Not everything you find is OLD.

Often times you can find products from modern stores that are simply one or two seasons old. You’d be surprised by the amount of new items that find their way into these stores.

The price of an item will drop.

The idea behind consignment is that with every month that passes prices go down. Sometimes as high as 20% per month as is that case at Elle & Eve, one of my favorite consignment stores in the city. Take a picture of the item and of the tag when you find a gem you like. You can always check back in via email, phone or even social media to see if an item is still there and snag it at the new lower price before someone else does.

The beauty of these stores is two fold, not only do you find unique items that can be potential conversation starters but you are also helping the planet. Instead of creating a new carbon footprint by purchasing a new item at a retail store, these second hand gems have already made their carbon footprint. An added bonus is that the quality of some older items can be vastly superior to what’s manufactured today. So next time you need a new piece of furniture, check out your local consignment store - you might just be surprised by what you find.

Here’s a visit to one of my favourite Toronto Consignments stores:


Consigned Chandelier

Dining image: Chandelier was a consignment find

Consigned Kitchen Chair

Kitchen chairs: a consignment find - we sprayed them white and recovered the seat cushion with modern fabric

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