Working Moms CAN Do It!

Finding the Elusive Mompreneur Balance

Years ago I envisioned my life as a designer. I imagined a posh woman about town, dressed to the nines with a slew of fancy handbags. I dreamed of having my own hit lifestyle TV show, and travelling the world. I wanted to grow a strong team of designers so we could design and decorate the homes and cottages of very important people. Basically, I wanted to be a superstar.


Fast forward a few years later … I got married and had two kids (and a dog).

FULL STOP. I became a MOM… It was harder than I thought it would be.


My life did a 180. I became less posh, I had almost zero time to go shopping for fancy clothes and my desire to buy designer handbags almost vanished. What happened? I was overtired (sleep deprived is more accurate), and I was overwhelmed by being busy… ohh so busy trying to juggle it all on HALF a brain.

I was busy chasing TO-DO lists and sleep. I became so busy that my dreams became hazy and I lost sight of what direction I wanted to go in. My client projects also suffered, I missed details and got frustrated with my employees.

But then something miraculous happened - I started to sleep through the night every once in a while!! I emerged from the fog of being a new mom.

I went to work a little more organized and a little more excited. Amazing clients re-ignited my passion for high end design and exceptional service. This time my motivators were completely different. This time I wasn’t driven by expensive accessories or celebrity clientele.

Instead, I was making people happy by making a real difference in their lives and looking for ways to improve everything we did as a company.

SO I started prioritizing team building and implementing processes in my business to free me up to focus on development. I started focusing on small achievable goals and having a positive attitude. I carved out time for me (usually during a work day cos every mom knows kids don’t care if you need “me” time). And then one day - during one of these “me time” sessions I stumbled across this question:

Q: What makes you angry about your industry?

A: without hesitation I wrote “WASTE”.

It all became clear. I needed to do something about it. Fast forward to 2019 and my vision is clearer than ever (I still want my TV show of course ;) But I’m focused on becoming a change-maker and that’s why this month we are donating $100 from every consultation to Habitat for humanity. To the other new or struggling moms out there - YOU GOT THIS. It WILL get better. Be easy on yourself and take “me time” Schedule it into your calendar so you can focus on what matters to you.

This week’s video delves into life as a mom and trying to manage it all. Watch Video Here