Why Your Husband Resists Hiring a Designer

Convincing your Significant Other to Hire a Designer

Everyone knows that hiring a designer isn’t a decision you make alone. When you share your home with someone - you also share the decision making (for better or for worse. :) )

Just because you may be convinced that hiring a designer is the right way to go, doesn’t mean your significant other is also on board. Here are some common reasons why your husband (or significant other) resists hiring a designer and how you can ease their concerns to help bring them over to your side.

#1 Hesitation: It’s too expensive


Yes, working with a professional in ANY field is expensive. You are paying for their experience and specific knowledge and expertise in a given area. Hiring a designer for your home is no different. It’s definitely an investment. However, if you want your home life to be filled with ease and comfort and style - you can’t sit back and wait for it to happen on it’s own. The honest truth is that it saves you money in the long run! Hard to believe I know. When you hire a designer to work on your behalf they can manage your budget by finding the best splurges vs. Saves. You can avoid costly mistakes too. When you work with an experienced design team they know to calculate the overage you need when ordering tile - they check the dye lot of a drapery fabric to ensure it’s the right shade of blue. Designers envision the end result eliminating any surprises that you may want to rectify - like a table that’s the wrong size of the space or a light fixture that is a few inches off where it should be.

#2 Hesitation: We don’t need a designer - We can do it ourselves


Sure, ANYONE can design, manage a construction site or decorate themselves. But do you really have the time and energy to devote to it and can you do it effortlessly? Renovations are stressful -not to mention they are time sucks. It always takes more time than anyone (even the professionals) expect. Don’t forget, your time IS money. The more time you spend arguing over a mis laid tile on site - is time away from doing the thing that earns you money. Also, most contractors and trades don’t work evenings or weekends so they will need you to be on site making decisions during precious working hours.

Designers also have loads of resources and vendors to source unique products from. The average person doesn’t have access to the same “trade only” suppliers and showrooms and so are usually stuck selecting fabric or tile or whatever from limited retail sources. (Especially if you live in Canada where the selection can be rather limited.) Designers also have strong relationships with their trades. These are relationships built over time and even decades in some cases. Our trusted vendors will always go that extra mile for us when the occasion demands because they know I will bring more work their way. We are the ultimate repeat client.

#3 Hesitation: Is this designer really as good as she says she is?


It can be tempting to mistrust a designer you don’t know. Afterall, working with a designer requires an immense amount of trust. You will likely be giving them tens of thousands of your hard earned dollars not to mention crossing your fingers that they can deliver what they’ve promised. The best remedy for this fear is to get referrals. Look at their body of work and ask all the right questions. (More on hiring the right designer in next weeks blog post)

#4 Hesitation: Working with a designer will take too much time


This is a fear founded on some truth. Most designers require time to develop the design before any contractor is even signed on for the job or any fabric is ordered. The best designs come with a plan and so I always suggest you hire your designer 3 months before you plan to start any reno or decor project.  An established design firm will not rush their design or make concessions based on an unrealistic timeline. That said, because designers PLAN in advance, it saves you time during the actual construction or ordering phase. All materials are ordered in advance of construction and so there should be minimal delays.

Ultimately it all comes down to trust. Once that is established between you and your designer then you are off to the races and won’t look back. Nothing trumps meeting someone in the flesh to know if they are the right fit. This is why a lot of experienced designers offer in home consultations so that you can get to know their personality and see if it’s the right fit before you make the leap of hiring them. Make sure that your significant other is at that meeting! Set them up for success by sharing these strong points with them before the designer arrives at your door! Good luck!

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