5 Ways Hiring a Designer Saves you Money

Yes, hiring a designer is a luxury that not everyone can afford. But a surprising fact that many do not know is that hiring a designer can actually save you money. Here are 5 ways designers can save you money:

1.Designers save you from costly mistakes.

You must always start with a good vision of the end result. Most people see a need, (for instance, a new sofa), so they go shopping and buy one. Rarely do they stop to envision what they really want the room to look and feel like, or how they want it to function, when it’s done. Inevitably, the new sofa either makes everything else look bad in comparison, leading to a complete re-do that has to work around one giant impulse buy, OR, the new sofa itself looks bad, because it’s too big or the wrong color or just not what they’d hoped.By the time the homeowner realizes the mistake it’s too late. They are left trying to work around it ( a designers nightmare) or giving it away on Kijiji. When you work with a designer, Before a single purchase is made every piece is measured and carefully chosen to fit together seamlessly. No costly mistakes required.

Custom headboard

2.Designers save you replacement costs down the road.

Designers have access to more sources than you do for quality furniture. We aren’t restricted to the big box stores or chain furniture stores that everyone shops at. We have quality trades that create custom pieces made from locally sourced materials and will stand the test of time, reducing the need to replace it after only a few years. The quality is well worth the investment and saves you money in the long run.


3.Designers save you from being bullied by vendors to overspend where not necessary.

We always have the end vision / whole picture in mind when researching and sourcing items for your home. We won’t let a vendor try to sell you on a product because it’s trendy or because everyone else is doing it. It needs to fit within the design plan to get us a cohesive end result. It can be tempting to be swayed by what everyone else is doing or by trends you see online. Designers know which trends to incorporate without overdoing it. We also know when to take a Chance on something different. Good designers are always trying to push the envelope and our clients just a tiny bit out of their comfort zone. The end result is always worth it. Afterall, you hired a designer because you don’t want your home to look like you selected the rooms from a catalogue.


4.Designers maximize your home’s potential eliminating the “shoulda done that” 20/20 vision at the end of a project.





5. Designers save you from unnecessary splurges in favour of a cohesive end result.

We are not interested in selling you expensive sh*t for the sake of it. We’d much rather see your entire space complete and so if that means find a most cost effective chair that still fits the design scheme that’s what we do. No one wants a big white room with one expensive sofa and nothing else.


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