What moms REALLY want for Mother's Day

Sure there are lots of pretty things that moms appreciate. Like fancy watches, hand bags and jewellery. BUT if you’re a busy working mom like me you probably want an entirely different kind of gift for Mother’s day.

Because I’m a designer and as a result you may be expecting to see traditional material gifts for mom to have at home - I’m sharing my top 3 picks for the home…. BUT because I’m also a mom and a pretty honest one at that I’m going to share with you what I think moms REALLY want because these are the things I would like for myself.

Products I know Mom will love for the HOME:

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  1. Luxurious NEW bedding

    I’m loving the Luxury Organic cotton of Canadian company WHITE TERRY HOME They have a beautiful collection that also gives back. Believing that every child deserves a good night’s sleep and so they donate a portion of their profits to Sleeping Children around the World, an organization that provides bed kits to children ages 6 to 12 in developing countries.

  2. A great new read that empowers women

    These two books by author RACHEL HOLLIS have been on my nightstand.. and I’m not even considered a “reader”. They are so refreshingly honest and empowering that I firmly believe EVERY woman should read them. “Girl Stop Apologizing” and “Girl wash your face” are available anywhere books are sold.

  3. Fresh cut Flowers

    This might sound cliche, BUT what  mom doesn’t love FRESH cut flowers?. It doesn’t have to be a fancy expensive bouquet from a florist. Fresh cut tulips from the corner store with a hand written card will do the trick. It REALLY is the thought - so THINK about it and do it… have a hand written card to go along with it is also a nice touch.

Alright, so those items are NICE but what do mom secretly REALLY want for mothers day?

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Here’s what all us busy moms are secretly craving..

#1 - Alone time

Most moms run like crazy from job to home and back again. SO give them what they want more than anything. Time to do exactly want they want with no interruptions. This could be at home BUT if it can be away even better. If it is at home - eliminate the distractions for her like the barking dog or screaming children. If it’s in the budget we love an overnight at a hotel in the city (YES, ALL ALONE!), a float, a message - anything that gets us away for a few hours - a night would be ideal though ;)


#2 - A getaway

Either a romantic weekend at Langdon Hall, The Elora Mill or a weekend trip to NewYork. It could even be an overnight at a local hotel or a night in without the kids. We love our kids but we also love to get some time away and enjoy our partner. But make sure this getaway is actually planned - not just a nice idea written in a card. Mom wants you to do the planning for her! And if you’re like me - you enjoy surprises.

The  Stable Spa  at the Elora Mill

The Stable Spa at the Elora Mill


#3 - Quality time with family

Moms usually do ALL the planning. Surprise us with a fun pre-planned family outing like apple picking or a petting zoo. But remember to take care of all the details, like kids meal times and nap schedules so the trip isn’t sabotaged by a cranky toddler.


What’s you favourite Mother’s day memory? Share what you thought of these tips in the comments below.

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Wishing all the moms a wonderful Mothers Day!