5 Tips to Cottage Design

Summer cottage days are here!

Summer days are the things that dreams are made of. Long and lazy weekends curled up with a book by a window or soaking up the sun’s rays on a lounger outdoors. It’s when the weekend warriors brave the traffic and head out of the city for fresh air and cool lakes. Whether you have a summer retreat of your own or simply want to create the cottage vibe in your own home, here are my favourite ways to bring easy breezy cottage style to your decor.

1. Paint it white

Light and bright is always right when creating a cottage vibe.  My “GO-TO” wall colour is Benjamin Moore’s Cloud white. It’s bright and fresh but still feels warm.  

White paint works on any wall and acts as a great blank canvas for pops of colour. Summer is all about colour, so you can go bold in your colour choices everywhere else and they will POP against the white backdrop.

Copy of 0U9A1082.jpg

2. Add elements of wood.

A touch of wood is a must in any decor, but this is especially true for cottages. I love to add the warmth of wood with hardwood flooring or a vintage wood table. The wood accents also helps to balance all those white walls by adding character and warmth!


3. Blue is the best hue.

Summer homes need lots of pops of colour but if you’re too shy to pick one or worried your choice won’t work, you can never fail with blue. In my mind, blue is hands-down the freshest way to create a crisp cottage aesthetic. I love nautical navy but aqua and robins eggs blues work too. Layer in this colour with art, pillows and even lighting.

Copy of 0U9A1324.jpg

4.Add vintage finds.

Vintage furniture & decor add a casual and comfortable vibe. This is the perfect time of year to go to antique markets or simply wander consignment stores for the perfect vintage piece of furniture. Not only does it add loads of personality and tell a story but it’s easy on the environment too. Sustainability is important to consider and finding unique and fine objects at a local antique fair will be a great conversation starter for those summer soirees.

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5. Use natural textiles.

Nothing says easy breezy cottage style more than white and neutral fabrics blowing in the wind. Textiles such as cotton, wool and jute add a relaxed feel. It’s ok if they wrinkle or aren’t perfect. That’s the idea! 


Cottage style means comfort and relaxation! When you can’t make the long drive to your lakeside escape, use these tips to turn your home into your personal relaxing getaway.

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