Managing a Stress Free Renovation

A Stress Free Renovation IS Possible

I’ve spent over a decade in the design industry making mistakes and learning from them. I’ve learned from working for great designers and from working in the fast paced world of television. But I’ve learned the most from running my own design firm and teaching a team.


Renovations are expected to be stressful, but they don’t have to be. With the right planning, expectations and team you can mitigate the surprises and stress. There are specific steps my team takes when panning any renovation project to help ease stress and keep the project rolling. 

In this video I’m sharing how my team manages a renovation project. Including how we plan and execute a reno in extreme detail to avoid the most common stressors.

Watch video here.


Get a pen and paper ready when you watch this video because I’m sharing all the actionable tips if you’re looking to get rolling on your own design reno project. At the end of the video I share the 3 things you cannot live without if you are to have a successful renovation.

Good luck!