Can you spot the consignment find?

I recently designed a vignette for the charity auction Eva’s Home For life. When I set out to design it I really wanted to see how much of the design could be done with sustainability in mind. I truly wanted to know if it was possible to source products that were either Canadian made or Eco-friendly. It was HARD!

The bedroom we designed ended up being a blend of re-purposed consignment finds and new custom build furniture made locally with local materials. 

Can you spot which items are the consignment finds? 

IMG_6357- Evas Vignette.jpg
vignette labelled.jpg

Hopefully I just blew your mind a little bit! I love how you can create a curated and high end design by using vintage items!

In the end we managed to design the entire booth using products with a minimal or zero carbon footprint. 

Here’s how we did it:

  1. Bed & headboard: Elle & Eve Consignment Store & Cooper Brothers

  2. Rug: Elle & Eve Consignment Store

  3. Nightstands: Camilla House Imports - Made with Canadian wood

  4. Lamps: Flow Decor - Made in the USA

  5. Bedding: White Terry Home - Local Social Enterprise

  6. Art and Accessories: Elle & Eve Consignment Store

  7. Bench: Camilla House Imports - Made with Canadian wood

  8. Mattress: ENDY - Canadian Company - Locally Made

  9. Custom Pillows: Cottage Cloth - Local Artisan

Here’s the deal. It may be hard to find the right items - sure it takes longer than a quick google search and online purchase. But it’s well worth it when you see the end result. You can do it too.

Watch this week’s video for a full behind the scenes view of the set up of the vignette and Eva’s Home of Life Auction. Click here.