My Favourite Eco-Friendly Canadian Suppliers


These days it can be difficult to know exactly where a product is made or manufactured. Home decor is no exception. Often a product is labelled Canadian but then after further investigation it turns out that the materials and manufacturing happen overseas.

We recently encountered a Canadian Hardwood company that uses Canadian wood species but then the wood is shipped abroad for processing and manufacturing before being shipped back to Canada! Talk about a massive CARBON FOOTPRINT. 

I know that it’s not 100% reasonable to find every home decor item made in Canada using Canadian materials (unless of course it’s a great vintage find!) but I am making it my mission to incorporate more and more Canadian and eco-friendly products in my designs. 


I’ve started a list of Eco-friendly, Canadian product companies for my team to source from. It’s just the beginning of what I hope becomes a long and varied list of suppliers. 

Get my list of Canadian and eco-friendly suppliers here. And PLEASE share any companies that I’ve missed!

I promise to continue to share my findings as the list grows.