My Top 5 Business Podcasts

Passion for Business (Podcasts)

It’s no secret that I’m podcast obsessed right now and I’m also obsessed with learning about business. So I decided to share the top 5 podcasts that I love right now. 

RISE podcast


With Rachel Hollis 

This podcast has been life changing for me. Rachel Hollis is real and authentic. If you’re looking for business advice mixed with a lot of motivation - this is your podcast. It’s technically a business podcast but it also has a lot of “life coaching” too. So if that’s your jam - this is the place to go. She also has two awesome books that are totally worth mentioning. “Girl Wash your face” and “Girl, Stop Apologizing”. I have read both and love them!

The Goal Digger Podcast


With Jenna Kutcher

This podcast is filled with tangible marketing advice. Loads of tips on how to do social media and Pinterest. She is the Pinterest Queen. A former wedding photographer, she has nailed visual media. 

A Well-Designed Business 


With LuAnn Nigara

This was the very first podcast I ever listened to and I binged it for at least 6 months before listening to any other podcast. She’s the biggest name in business podcasts for designers. She interviews designers and the like, and really digs deep on how to run your business, focusing on processes and systems. 

Real Talk Design


With Michelle Binette

Local Toronto Designer, Michelle has recently started this podcast and she is interviewing some great designers on how they run their businesses. Michelle is honest, funny and asks the REAL questions you might be scared to ask someone who’s further down the road than you. 

Side note: Check out the two episodes I did for this podcast. 

Toronto-Based designer Rebecca Hay shares her tips on pricing, hiring and everything in between.” Episode: 028

Live at PI Fine art” Episode: 051

How I Built This


With Guy Raz (NPR)

This podcast is all about inspiration and education. It interviews high profile business owners and company founders like Uber, Patagonia, Kate Spade, Atari etc. The list of notable business men and women will blow your mind! Each episode is SOO good with Guy Roz talking casually with these founders about how they started and their journey to greatness. I love this podcast because it puts everyone’s success into perspective and shows you that ANYTHING is possible and no one has followed the same path.

So there you have it. If you have any podcasts to add please COMMENT BELOW! I’m always looking for new podcasts to throw into the mix!